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Inktober05 by the19thGinny
I had actually wrestled with the idea of giving up Inktober.  Yeah, not even a week in and debating about being a quitter.

Why?  'Cause I'm not good at ink and it shows.

HOWEVER......that's the whole point of Inktober.  To get better.  And if I don't do something, I won't get better.  Guess I'm just a bit disappointed in my ability today.  I'll just need to do better tomorrow.  Bleh.
Inktober03 by the19thGinny
"Scheme, do you have any idea w-w-w--"  The Academic Advisor broke into a large yawn.

"Yes, but this is the only time of night the globbleworms come out--look!"  The teal pony nodded at a glowing something that grew brighter in response.  

Dusk squinted at it and grumbled mentally: first puddles, now this.  Any respectable pony would be in bed right now.  Before he could suggest as such, another yawn took over and he decided to appease Scheme...if only to get back to his comfortable pillow faster.  Bleary-eyed, he squinted again at the bright spot.  "Even so, we're both to be presented first thing in the morning and--"

The Advisor paused once more.  Globbleworms weren't exactly uncommon and he had caught a few in his younger days, but were they always this delicate looking?  Like a filigree ribbon twisting in the air, it flashed sunlight and lightning as it flicked its downy wings.  He was seized by an intense desire to capture the globbleworm to preserve its beauty, then shook his head--of course!  That's what we have Scheme for!  That must be why she's studying it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you up."

Dusk blinked and tilted his head at Scheme.  A few moments ago, it was exactly what he had wanted to hear.  Now, seeing her disappointment (a strange way for her to look for it did not suit her at all), Dusk merely shook his head.  "We're both being presented tomorrow, so you need bed as well.  It's not that big a deal, kind of my job to do this.  Just...try to be a little more responsible, ok?"

Scheme smiled in agreement, thanked him, then trotted to her quarters.  Dusk cast one last glance at the globberworm as it wound its way to the ceiling.  That was kinda neat...

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